View on Iceland: Cuisine, Björk and the Euro 2016 Effect

Photo: Iceland Monitor/Ómar Óskarsson

Once you finished browsing Iceland Monitor’s wide selection of news, events and features, you might like to have a look at some other Iceland-related material from around the world that we shall be collecting for you weekly.

1. ‘Iceland’s booming tourism is transforming Icelandic cuisine’ – Hindustan Times

Despite food being for many visitors to Iceland an “afterthought on their adventure-packed itinerary”, Iceland’s dining scene is receiving ever more attention thanks to the talent of upcoming Icelandic chefs and tourism-driven demand.

Read Iceland’s booming tourism is transforming Icelandic cuisine

Photo: Getty Images

2. ‘Björk: ‘I’m not into normcore sexuality’ – Evening Standard

An in-depth interview with queen of Icelandic music Björk Guðmundsdóttir, covering her new exhibition, her latest album, ‘normcore’ sexuality, and the creative forces unleashed by the break-up from her “soul mate”.

Read Björk: 'I'm not into normcore sexuality', by Stephanie Rafanelli

Photo: Gúndi

3. ‘Tourism, cheese and Nordic noir’ – The Guardian

Brian Oliver looks into how the recent performance of Iceland’s men’s national football team and the worldwide appeal of the ‘Viking Clap’ is a boon not just for national sport, but also for the economy, tourism, culture and many other aspects of Icelandic life.

Read Tourism, cheese and Nordic noir: how football made Iceland a hot property, by Brian Oliver

Photo: Iceland Monitor/Skapti Hallgrímsson

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