View on Iceland: Travel, Tourism Boom and Murderous Vikings

Photo: Iceland Monitor/RAX

Once you finished browsing Iceland Monitor’s wide selection of news , events and features , you might like to have a look at some other Iceland-related material from around the world that we shall be collecting for you weekly.

1. ‘Five Days in Iceland with GP’ – Goop

An exciting blog of a fun-packed five-day “one-of-a-kind, experience-centric trip” to Iceland, stringing together some of the best and most beautiful sights and activities Iceland has to offer. Plenty of ideas for you here...

Read Five Days in Iceland with GP

Photo: Iceland Monitor/RAX

2. ‘Tourism in Iceland is booming – but it’s not all good news’ – PBS

A thought-provoking video report (09:06) on the surge in interest in travel to Iceland – and the possible downsides of the current tourist boom. What are the challenges accompanying Iceland’s meteoric rise up the tourism table?

Read Tourism in Iceland is booming -- but it's not all good news

Photo: Ómar Óskarsson

3. ‘Big Viking families nurtured murder’ – ScienceNews

Read Bruce Bower’s fascinating account of society and psychology in medieval Iceland and how murder was a common and gruesome tool in the battle among early Icelandic families for social and political supremacy.

Read Big Viking families nurtured murder, by Bruce Bower

Photo: Iceland Monitor/RAX

Check in next week for more Iceland Monitor picks from online media. If you find any interesting articles or opinion pieces on Iceland that you think might be right for View on Iceland , please let us know at .




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