Tourists enjoy nude Iceland car-wash

Photo: Garðar Valur Hallfreðsson

Garðar Val­ur Hall­freðsson certainly got an eyeful as he arrived at work this morning – when he saw a group of tourists apparently enjoying a shower at an open-air car-wash opposite his office window.

The surprised Garðar, who works as detective in the East Iceland town of Egilsstaðir, could barely believe his eyes at first – but the images he quickly snapped do indeed appear to show a group of people using an open-air car-wash facility to take a cheeky shower.

“I think they might have been French, but I’m not sure,” says Garðar. “I was just stood there giggling.”

It is a pity that the people involved were unaware of a better solution to their hygiene concerns, says Garðar.

“The water that comes out of the car-wash hoses is freezing cold, but just up the road there are proper public showers that cost just ISK 100!”

Photo: Garðar Valur Hallfreðsson


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