Total of 24 Airlines to Fly to KEF Airport

From Keflavík International Airport.

From Keflavík International Airport. Jóhannesson

Vala Hafstað

Traffic is picking up at Keflavík International Airport these days, Morgunblaðið reports. A total of 24 airlines are expected to offer flights to the airport this summer — two more than last summer.

Over the Easter holiday, the airport’s long-term parking lot filled up, as Icelanders traveled abroad in droves. The Easter holiday in Iceland begins on Maundy Thursday and lasts through Easter Monday, giving people a five-day weekend, and in addition, the First Day of Summer was yesterday, but this Icelandic holiday is always celebrated the first Thursday after April 18. Consequently, many Icelanders extended their Easter vacation through the First Day of Summer.

The Icelandic airline Play flew its inaugural flight to the US on Wednesday, to Baltimore/Washington International Airport (BWI). From now on, Play will be offering daily flights to BWI. The airline’s inaugural flight to Boston Logan International Airport is planned for May, followed by the first flight to New York in June. Daily flights will be offered to those destinations as well.

“This is an important day for Isavia and the people who operate Keflavík International Airport,” stated Sveinbjörn Indriðason, CEO of Isavia, at a ceremony prior to the departure of the Play aircraft Wednesday. “We welcome new guests and receive them well. Play’s new connection between Iceland and the US is yet another confirmation of the fact that plans to enlarge and improve Keflavík International Airport are sensible and based on quality plans.”

At the ceremony, Birgir Jónsson, CEO of Play, stated that the airline’s flights to the US have been very well received. “For those outside Play, it is hard to imagine how complicated and tough it is to start a flight plan to the US,” he noted.




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