Rescue Teams Ready for Severe Weather

Archive photo from December, 2019.

Archive photo from December, 2019. Magnússon

Vala Hafstað

Due to a severe weather forecast, the national police commissioner has declared a civil protection uncertainty phase in Northeast Iceland, West Iceland and the West Fjords, reports.

The severe weather hit Northeast Iceland overnight. It will move westward and be the worst in the West Fjords late this afternoon.

Residents are encouraged secure their neighborhood and to follow the weather forecast closely on and road conditions on or .

Weather alerts for today.

Weather alerts for today. Map/Icelandic Met Office

At present, driving conditions are difficult in the abovementioned areas. No travel is advised in the Breiðafjörður bay area between 1 pm and 11 pm today, in the West Fjords from 10 am until 8 pm, and in the Strandir region and Northwest Iceland from 11 am till 5 pm.

As a result of the severe weather outlook, ICE-SAR’s rescue teams are on standby in many parts of the country. Yesterday already, rescue workers were called out in North Iceland and in the West Fjords. Cars were stuck in snow, there was property damage due to wind, a dock came loose, and more.

Davíð Már Bjarnason, media representative for ICE-SAR, states that special vehicles for transport in snow and modified rescue team vehicles have been transported from Southwest Iceland to the West Fjords to be ready in case they’re needed.

Wind gusts of up to 45 m/sec are expected in the West Fjords, such as by Ísafjarðardjúp fjord. At present, there is heavy precipitation in Northeast Iceland — snow in the mountains and rain in the lowlands. Wind speed in excess of 30 m/sec has been recorded in that area.

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