Lava Skylight Looks Like Red Figure: Video

Skylight near Fagradalsfjall.

Skylight near Fagradalsfjall. Photo: Donatas Arlauskas

Vala Hafstað

One of Iceland Monitor ’s readers, Donatas Arlauskas, sent us this amazing drone video from the eruption site by Fagradalsfjall mountain, Southwest Iceland. He recorded the video on Saturday.

It clearly shows the lava flow and zooms in on so-called skylights, where the red, boiling lava stream can be seen underneath the solidified new lava.

What is fascinating is the shape of one of the skylights: it looks like a man, standing up straight and wearing a hat. Arlauskas posted the video on YouTube on Wednesday.

Lava near Fagradalsfjall.

Lava near Fagradalsfjall. Photo/Donatas Arlauskas




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