Police Close Eruption Site – Impressive Video

Vala Hafstað

The eruption site by Fagradalsfjall mountain, Southwest Iceland, will be closed today, mbl.is reports. The decision was made by the Suðurnes chief of police this morning.

Chief Superintendent Gunnar Schram, explains that the reason for the closure is twofold: first, there are wildfires in the area, due to weeks of drought and increased activity in the main crater, and, secondly, there is need for maintenance in the area.

“The Grindavík Fire Department checked conditions at the eruption site over the weekend and concluded that possible reaction to wildfires needs to be looked into more closely,” Gunnar states.

Police officers will be present in the area today to inform people about the closure.

From the eruption site. The smoke in the distance is …

From the eruption site. The smoke in the distance is from wildfires. Morgunblaðið/Baldur

Two hikers broke their ankle at the site over the weekend. Both accidents occurred in a steep hill on hiking path A. “Our hope is that hiking path A, which more than 90 percent of people take to the eruption site, will be improved,” Gunnar explains. “It includes two steep hills.”

Attempts will be made today, with the help of heavy equipment, to make the hiking path easier to pass.

Since you won’t be able to visit the eruption site today, we invite you to watch the impressive webcam footage above, recorded by mbl.is ’ webcam Wednesday, last week. It shows the magma shooting hundreds of meters into the air.




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