Fascinating Fountain of Fire Surprises Visitors: Video

Vala Hafstað

Sólný Pálsdóttir was at the eruption site by Fagradalsfjall mountain, Southwest Iceland, just before midnight, Saturday, when large jets of magma suddenly started spouting high into the air from the only active crater, mbl.is reports. She managed to capture this impressive sight on video. This was her sixth visit to the eruption site, and she describes each visit as an adventure.

Screenshot from the video

She lives in the nearby town of Grindavík and is able to see the eruption in the distance from her home.
“I have a view of the eruption,” she states. “I listen to the golden plover and the Eurasian whimbrel and watch the eruption from my hot tub. It’s unreal. You have the feeling you’re in some sort of wonderland. This is what my backyard is decorated with.”

She and her husband were totally taken by surprise when the huge jets were suddenly emitted into the air. “It felt like being in a movie,” she states. “There was this glow behind me…Then, everything turned still, giving you the feeling that the eruption was coming to an end. I grabbed the phone, and then it happened again, as you see in the video.”




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