Spectacular Video of Eruption and Northern Lights

Screenshot/Kjartan Arnald

Vala Hafstað

Musician and amateur photographer Kjartan Arnald Hlöðversson visited the eruption site by Fagradalsfjall mountain, Southwest Iceland, Sunday, hoping to catch a picture of the eruption with the northern lights in the background.

“And I managed to take these spectacular pictures,” he tells mbl.is.

Below is the time-lapse video he took, where you can observe in a short time what took place during a much longer period.

“I had hiked up the mountain by about 10:30 pm and set up my equipment,” he states. “I was about to leave when I saw a green glow in the sky above the eruption, and my heart simply leapt.”

“I’m first and foremost a musician, and I’ve long been interested in photography.” When faced with a lack of musical projects during COVID-19, Kjartan was determined to focus on photography, learning all he could about it.

He has an Instagram account where he posts pictures and videos of the night sky, with a special focus on the northern lights.

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