Unique View of Dynjandi Waterfall: Video

Vala Hafstað

Dynjandi waterfall, located in Arnarfjörður fjord, the West Fjords, is no doubt among Iceland’s most impressive waterfalls. 

It is 100-meter (328-ft) high, and 30-meter wide (98-ft) at the top, but spreads out beautifully - just like thick, blond, curly hair - to reach a width of 60 meters (197 ft) at the bottom.

Quite appropriately, on the website westfjords.is, this blond beauty is described as the West Fjords’ “favorite front-page model for decades.” For further information about how to get there, see here.

Morgunblaðið photographer Hallur Már Hallsson visited Dynjandi recently where he shot the above video, which gives you a unique perspective of this gem of the West Fjords.


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