Passengers Claim Icelandair Lacks Customer Support

Vala Hafstað

Several disgruntled Icelandair passengers have contacted Iceland Monitor, either through Facebook or email, describing their futile efforts to contact the airline for credit or refund during these trying times, when numerous borders are closed and flights have been canceled, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. A look at the airline’s Facebook page reveals the same sentiment.

Passengers whose flights were canceled have had trouble getting through by phone, and they complain their requests haven’t been answered by email.

One reader writes to us, “Icelandair has been absent in helping us cancel or rebook our travel. Especially those with economy light tickets are asked to call their customer support number which has been unreachable for more than two weeks.”

Another of our readers writes, “Suspending their toll-free support line so that no customers can get through (I had to dial local Iceland office number to get through and incurred $125 phone bill), not allowing customers to cancel their flights online, via desktop or mobile app, only offering waived change fees ... and simply not returning fares for trips people cannot take, regardless of what citizenship they have, or crediting customer accounts for future travel which, in many cases, equates to thousands and thousands of dollars lost.”

Yet another reader states that 24 hours prior to her flight, she has not received any information from the airline.

Among the numerous complaints on Icelandair’s Facebook page, there is one that offers hope to other passengers: “[A]fter many hours on hold and trying every method to connect, the online submission was finally successful and a helpful representative granted a full refund. Good luck to everyone resolving their situation.”

Meanwhile, the airline, clearly overwhelmed with the number of messages, has posted the following on its Facebook page:

“We're sorry. The sheer number of messages requires us to refocus our efforts in order to reach you all. Until further notice, we will not be replying to social media messages or mentions. You can:
- Change your booking yourself online:
- Change your booking yourself using our app:
- Read our FAQs: 
If you still need assistance, please fill in this form:
This will help us reduce waiting time as we have received an unprecedented number of inquiries in recent days. Thank you for helping us help you.”




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