Sea Eagle rescued in November put down

The sea eagle rescued by Snorri Rafnsson, known as Vargurinn on Snapchat who spent the last couple of months at the Reykjavik Family Zoo, has been put down. Unfortunately the bird failed to regain its health. 

This is confirmed by the Iceland Institute for Nature today, who told that the eagle had in April become very weak. He explained that the bird had possibly been in an accident when he was rescued. 

Dramatic Sea-Eagle rescue in Iceland

Haförninn þegar Snorri afhenti hann Húsdýragarðinum.

Haförninn þegar Snorri afhenti hann Húsdýragarðinum.Árni Sæberg

Snorri og örninn í nóvember.

Snorri og örninn í nóvember. Ljósmynd/Snorri Rafnsson




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