People set fire to grass at Skógafoss waterfall with fireworks

A photo of the fire spreading at Skógafoss.

A photo of the fire spreading at Skógafoss. Photo/Mike Wong

 A tourist witnessed people shooting up fireworks at Skógafoss, one of Iceland's most picturesque waterfalls on New Year's Eve. The ground was set on fire. "

When landwardens returned from their holiday  they noticed the scorched ground at the waterfall suspecting that someone had lit fireworks there. 

Mr.Wong sent an email to Iceland Monitor saying that he had witnessed the event. 

"Earlier this evening, some people were lighting fireworks close to Skogafoss to celebrate New Years Eve. The fireworks hit the ground next to the walking path up to the viewing platform of Skogafoss which in turn began to burn. A friend and I were staying in our camper at that time and were warned by another camper that we should move our vehicle as there was a fire going on. Luckily, it was extinguished before it could spread. I attached two photographs I managed to take to this email."

Wong, who  lives in Switzerland was staying in a camper van with his friends at the falls, which are in South Iceland. Wong had no idea who set off the fireworks. 

The burned dried grass at Skógafoss visible here on the ...

The burned dried grass at Skógafoss visible here on the right. Photo/Mike Wong




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