Hundreds of people stranded at Iceland International Airport as flight engineers go on strike

 An enormous amount of passengers have been waiting all day at Keflavik International Airport today outside the Icelandair office. Icelandair aircraft mechanics went on strike this morning .

People have been waiting for answers from Icelandair to see how they can get to their destination or regarding hotel bookings. 

Speaking to this evening, PR representative of Icelandair, Guðjón Arngrímsson, said that hopefully all passengers left stranded today can get back on their way to their destination tomorrow morning. 

"We expect that even though we're not flying a full schedule tomorrow morning, for instance to Europe destinations, we are trying to get today's passengers onto those flights."

Negotiations have been taking place all day between flight engineers and reprentatives of the government to no avail. "We will be sitting here into the night I presume, said Gunnar R.Jónsson, who heads the negotiation committee for the flight engineers speaking to .

Icelandair are posting updates HERE 




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