Inspired by Iceland launches ‘The Hardest Karaoke Song in the World’

Inspired by Iceland, the official destination brand for Iceland in marketing has released a new marketing initiative called A to Ö of Iceland.  As a part of this launch, they've also released a song called the "Hardest Karaoke Song in the World," featuring local comedian Steindi Jr. 

The song highlights the uniquely difficult pronunciation of the Icelandic language the country is encouraging people from around the world to watch the humorous video and have a go at singing along. The theme and lyrics of the tune is The A to Ö of Iceland, (with Ö being the last letter in the Icelandic alphabet instead of Z in most European languages. 

The video has been released as part of Iceland’s new marketing initiative the A-Ö of Iceland, the Icelandic equivalent of an A-Z guide, which uses the 32 letters of the Icelandic alphabet, ending in ‘Ö’. The aim of the initiative is to harness the uniqueness of the Icelandic language to highlight the diversity and breadth of Iceland and to encourage visitors to go further and learn more. The aim is also to educate tourist about being responsible travellers to the country. 

Possibly the most amusing part of this effort is this second video where Inspired by Iceland got a few tourists to attempt singing the karaoke. You can see that HERE. 

Visitors to the website can also take part in the ‘regional quiz’ to win an adventure trip to Iceland and learn more about the country’s seven special regions.




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