Top ten romantic spots out of Reykjavik

Northern lights at Lake Kleifarvatn.

Northern lights at Lake Kleifarvatn. Ragnar Th. Sigurdsson / ARCTIC IMAGES

Looking for a good idea for a short trip out of town? Here are some of our favourite places of charm, romance and natural beauty.

1. Búðir

A tiny village on the rugged Snæfellsnes peninsula in West Iceland, around two and a half hours drive from Reykjavik. It's located next to the beautiful Búðahraun lava fields, a beach of golden sand and it's also the home of gorgeous country hotel Hótel Búðir. Búðir church is a popular place to get married.

Hótel Búðir.

Hótel Búðir. Brynjar Gauti

2.The Secret Lagoon
The oldest swimming pool in Iceland, "Gamla laugin" in Flúðir, South Iceland is now known as the Secret Lagoon. It's actually quite a small, murky green natural pool of warm waters. The drive to the Secret Lagoon from Reykjavik takes about an hour and a half and it's a perfect pit stop on a journey to this attractive area in South Iceland.

3. Rauðavatn
This journey will only take you ten minutes from the centre of Reykjavik. Rauðavatn is a small lake. The lake and surroundings are very picturesque and are a great spot for a nature walk. East of the lake is a grove where mountain pines were planted at the beginning of the last century.

4. Garðskagi Lighthouse

The town of Garður on the Reykjanes peninsula is about half an hour away from Reykjavik by car. It's a coastal fishing village and its landmark is the old Garðskagi lighthouse, built in 1897. It was used until recently as a centre for the study of migrating birds who breed on the surrounding shoreline.

The Secret Lagoon.

The Secret Lagoon. Photo/West Iceland

5. Þingvellir

Þingvellir national park is famous for the site of Europe's first parliament, the Althing, and the fact that it's situated right on the mid Atlantic rift. The tourist centre at the national park is usually really crowded and we recommend a drive around this amazing lake to take in all of its natural beauty.

Lake Rauðavatn in winter.

Lake Rauðavatn in winter. Styrmir Kári

6. The Blue Lagoon

Always a classic, The Blue Lagoon is obviously a great choice for lovebirds. Soak in the healing blue waters, sip on a cocktail and enjoy an in-water massage. We thoroughly recommend booking a table at their fantastic Lava restaurant afterwards to complete your experience.

Garðskagaviti lighthouse.

Garðskagaviti lighthouse. Kristinn Benediktsson

7. Stokkseyri

A tiny village on the southern coastline, around an hours drive from Reykjavik. Stokkseyri was an important fishing and trading village in earlier times and was actually settled as early as 900 AD.  It's popular spot for surfers and has a famous restaurant, Við Fjöruborðið, on the oceanfront, which serves incredibly good lobster. Book ahead, as it's enormously popular.

Northern lights at Þingvellir in winter.

Northern lights at Þingvellir in winter. Photo/ Stephane Vetter

8. Reykjadalur

The Reykjadalur valley is around half an hour drive from Reykjavik followed by a hike of around an hour to get there. It's known for its geothermal waters and once there you can bathe in a warm river. How romantic is that!

The Blue Lagoon.

The Blue Lagoon. Ingvarsson

9. Kjós

Kjós is short for Kjósarhreppur, a municipality close to Reykjavik. It's basically acres of farmland tucked behind Mount Esja and makes for a wonderfully picturesque drive where you will spot horses and cows (in summer). A nice pit stop is the cute Kaffi Kjós, a traditional country café where you can enjoy Icelandic waffles with whipped cream.


Stokkseyri Photo/ Trip Advisor

10. Kleifarvatn

Lake Kleifarvatn is a place of almost primordial natural beauty with its surrounding black beaches. The lake is large and deep and exudes an eerie atmosphere with barren, volcanic surroundings. The drive to Kleifarvatn takes around half an hour from Reykjavik.

Reykjadalur valley.

Reykjadalur valley. Rax / Ragnar Axelsson

Kaffi Kjós.

Kaffi Kjós. Photo/ Kaffi Kjós Facebook page

Bubbling hot springs at Kleifarvatn.

Bubbling hot springs at Kleifarvatn. Rax / Ragnar Axelsson




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