Almost 8 million tourists to Iceland since 2008

Photo: Iceland Monitor/Árni Sæberg

Iceland has welcomed more tourists in the nine years since 2008 than in the entire preceding period of 59 years, i.e. since records began.

In the years 1949-2007, a total of just under 7,000,000 foreign tourists visited Iceland. Since 2008, the figure is just under 8,000,000.

Forecasts suggest that 2016 alone will see a record 1.7 million tourists visit Iceland – up a massive 38% on 2015. Growth is forecast to slow only slightly next year, with 2.2 million tourists expected in 2017 (+26.6%).

The left graph shows the number of tourists (in '000s) ...

The left graph shows the number of tourists (in '000s) visiting Iceland each year since 1949. The right graph gives total numbers in the period 1949-2007 and 2008-2016. Source: Arion banki


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