Car-sharing: a new idea for exploring Iceland

A car is one of the best ways of exploring …

A car is one of the best ways of exploring Iceland. Photo: Iceland Monitor/Tryggvi Þormóðsson

Visitors to Iceland needing a car to get about and explore may save money and connect with locals by opting for car-sharing, says Solvi Melax, CEO of Cario, an Icelandic car-sharing platform celebrating its second anniversary today.

Iceland’s limited public-transport options make a private car a necessity for many locals and tourists alike. There are some 750 vehicles per 1,000 inhabitants, many standing idle most of the time – particularly when Icelanders are on their summer holidays abroad.

New Icelandic legislation passed last year now allows Icelandic car owners in Iceland to rent out their private cars, and after just two years of operations Cario now has around 150 vehicles on its books.

Sölvi Melax, CEO of Cario.

Sölvi Melax, CEO of Cario. Photo: Iceland Monitor/Styrmir Kári

“It is much easier and gives people greater freedom to explore and experience Iceland with your own car,” says Melax. “My advice to travellers is to look at all the possibilities out there before renting a car, you could save some money and connect with the locals.”

Car-hire prices are comparatively high in Iceland, particularly over the summer months, and fairer prices are up for grabs via car-sharing, according to a Cario press release.

Are you planning a trip to Iceland? If so, you can check out the rental cars available with Cario here .


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