Massive increase in KEF winter flights

Photo: Júlíus Sigurjónsson

Photo: Júlíus Sigurjónssonúlíus Sigurjónsson

Last month saw double the amount of flights from Keflavík International Airport (KEF) than in January 2013, with the winter months now enjoying as much traffic as traditionally associated with peak season.

According to Icelandic tourism and travel news website (link in Icelandic), 1,009 scheduled flights departed from KEF last month – some thirty a day.

This total is up from 802 in 2015 and is just under double the traffic seen just three years ago in 2013.

Breaking through the 1,000 mark is significant, as this number is associated with peak-season air traffic at KEF. For instance, January 2016 traffic is comparable to that seen in September 2014, at the end of the big summer season.

Eleven airlines operated out of KEF last month, with 64.2% of flights accounted for by flag carrier Icelandair.




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