Reykjavik hotel tells guests not to drink tap water- sells water instead

The sign at Hótel Adam.

The sign at Hótel Adam. Photo/Facebook

At the Adam Hotel in the city centre, guests are advised against drinking tap water. Icelandic tap water comes straight from the spring which makes this rather unusual advice. 

"We recommend drinking bottled water, not from the tap," says a sign at the hotel. Bottled water at the hotel, which is specifically labelled with the hotel's name costs 400 ISK for two litres. 

Photographs of the bottle and the sign were published on the travel industry Facebook group Bakland ferðaþjónustunnar, asking whether there was something wrong with the water on Skólavörðuholt, the central Reykjavik area where the hotel is located (Just near Hallgrímskirkja church). 

Veitur, the Reykjavik water company answered the question saying that all water tests that came back from Reykjavik last year were completely safe with no reason to warn people against drinking tap water, unless there was something particularly wrong with the water pipes in the hotel building. was not able to reach the owner of Hotel Adam this morning for a response. 

A bottle of water at Hótel Adam costs 400 ISK.

A bottle of water at Hótel Adam costs 400 ISK. Photo/ Facebook

A special Hótel Adam water bottle.

A special Hótel Adam water bottle. Photo/ Facebook




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