Interview with Iceland's most famous lost tourist

Noel Santallan became famous overnight in Iceland.

Noel Santallan became famous overnight in Iceland. Photo: Sigurður Ægisson

Noel Santallan is the 28 year old tourist who became famous overnight in Iceland for  accidentally driving all the way to the remote town of Siglufjörður, North Iceland because his GPS navigation device led him there. "I'm thrilled that the trip turned out this way," he says in an interview with Siglufjörður's local paper, Siglfirðingurinn. 

Santallan is from Perth Amboy in New Jersey, USA and is probably Iceland's most famous tourist. His claim to fame: Driving for 5 1/2 hours all the way to a street called Laugarvegur in Siglufjörður rather than to his hotel on Laugavegur in Reykjavik. 

"I had planned to stay one night in Reykjavik and then drive around South Iceland because it would be a better option for the weather conditions. It never occurred to me to drive across the country on my first day, especially not straight from the airport," he explains. 

He adds that the views along the way to Siglufjörður were astounding. "I'm thrilled that the trip turned out this way." He says that the people of Siglufjörður have been really nice to him and helped out in every way. 

Santallan explains that he checked his GPS system twice on the way to Siglufjörður and it always gave the same location. Upon arrival at Laugarvegur 18 the GPS told him he had arrived at his hotel and that's where he knocked on the door. Hótel Frón, where he had booked a room, is however on Laugavegur 22A in Reykjavik.

 "I'm heading back south today, I've just met another guy from the US here in Siglufjörður, his name is Jeremy and we're gong to drive back together. On Saturday I'm going back to the US. "

Santallan even made RÚV national television news last night where he explained that he'd always found GPS and Google Maps totally reliable. 

You can watch the interview with Santallan on RÚV HERE. 

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