"More beautiful than I could have imagined"

The colourful landscape and white sandy beaches of the West …

The colourful landscape and white sandy beaches of the West Fjords. Screenshot: BBC (photo by Katie Hammel)

The remote wilderness of the West Fjords has long been a source of enchantment. BBC journalist Katie Hammel travelled around Iceland last summer accompanied by her husband and has written a lovely travel piece on their journey in which they were particularly captivated by the West Fjords. 

Here she describes her journey from Ísafjörður: 

"It was pouring rain on the other side of the tunnel, but within a few kilometres the clouds became a filigree of white with patches of brilliant blue. Though winter’s chill had already arrived, the landscape was surprisingly colourful. There were mountains and valleys in every shade of green, from the pale grass growing to sheep-dotted hills to the vibrant spongy moss that clung to the coast. Rust and gold leaves gripped the lava rocks and climbed up the sides of the mountains that cradled the fjords. Bales of yellow hay sat ready to be stored for winter and hues of brilliant blue sparkled in the many waterfalls that poured down from the mountaintops. I started counting them but stopped when I reached 87 in less than an hour."

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