A new French coffee and cookie shop on Hverfisgata

Guðlaug and Emilie at Emilie's Reykjavik.

Guðlaug and Emilie at Emilie's Reykjavik.

Emilie's is a new coffee shop on Hverfisgata founded by Emilie Zmaher. The venue prides itself on personal service, great pastries, English scones, cinnamon rolls, bagles and cookies. 

The story of Emilie's began in 20017 when Emilie and a friend founded a tiny coffee shop at the centre of Nice in Southern France. They wanted to come up with an alternative to large coffee shop chains such as Starbucks, a place with a warm, home-like atmosphere where pastries were made on a daily basis. The little coffee shop became so popular that they added a second one two years later in the old centre of Nice. The third Emilie's opened in Monaco in 2013 and the fourth in Cagnes sur mer in 2015. 

In the summer of 2017, Emilie moved to Reykjavik with her husband and child. Along with her Icelandic business partner Guðlaug Gunnarsdóttir, who the couple met in Nice when she was there at art school.  They set out to refurbish an old house on the corner of Barónsstígur and Hverfisgata and opened an Emilie's branch, the first outside of the French riviera,  there last December. 

"We want our atmosphere to be warm and open to all. We place great emphasis on respecting our neighbours and our environment," says Emilie. "We also place an emphasis on quality service, quaility produce, friendliness and smiling staff. All our staff have a personal influence on daily management, whether it's choice of music, decoration or recipes. 

The cookies and Nutella- muffins at Emilie's have become a firm favourite with customers as well as their goats cheese bagel, The Goatfather. 

For more information on Emilie's see their Facebook page HERE. 

The pastries at Emilie's are made fresh every day.

The pastries at Emilie's are made fresh every day.




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