Peppery/salted liquorice Easter egg new craze in Iceland

Chocolatier Hafliði Ragnarsson creates deluxe Easter eggs.

Chocolatier Hafliði Ragnarsson creates deluxe Easter eggs. Eggert Jóhannesson

Easter in Iceland is nothing without Easter eggs. This is a holiday mainly about chocolate and proverbs (which are hidden inside the eggs). For weeks now giant stacks of chocolate eggs in all sorts of sizes with many different flavourings have been decorating the halls of Icelandic supermarkets. Children looking at them in anticipation, waiting for Easter to come.

Large eggs made from milk chocolate, filled with candy and containing a proverb, that’s the standard egg. And then there are all the variations.

Chocolate eggs with bits of salty liquorice are a favourite amongst Icelanders. Taking it a step further, chocolate eggs with salty, peppery samliak flavoured liquorice are a particular favourite this year.

An early taste of Easter

An early taste of Easter Photo: Iceland Monitor/Ómar Óskarsson

That’s only the beginning. Eggs made from dark chocolate, eggs with caramel crunch in the chocolate, eggs with biscuit crunch, eggs with salted caramel crunch, eggs made from white chocolate, sugar free, dairy free, and last but not least, delux, handmade chocolate eggs from the very best chocolate available.

All in all there are over thirty different Easter eggs available from Icelandic companies, and that’s not taking into account different sizes.

Eggs from big brands such as Cadburys, Snickers, Mars and Maltesers are available but not very popular. They are missing the Icelandic proverb, which in midst of all the chocolate haze still manages to be important.

Smurfs have adorned Icelandic chocolates for decades.

Smurfs have adorned Icelandic chocolates for decades. Photo: Iceland Monitor/Eggert Jóhannesson




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