First Icelandic licorice skyr to hit the shops

A new flavour has been produced for skyr by Icelandic dairy company KEA. It's licorice flavour, a taste that has never been more popular in Iceland. 

Apparently, the company was flooded with enquiries on whether and when they would be doing a licorice skyr. Licorice, which has always been a very popular sweet in Iceland is now being used to flavour all kinds of foods -  there's licorice salt, licorice cream buns, licorice ice cream and you can even buy licorice smelling scented candles.  

This is closely related to the Turkish Pepper craze - which is a licorice type sweet that's extremely strong in flavour and greyish in colour. 

The new licorice flavour skyr from KEA is sweetened with stevia which is a healthier option to sugar.  Other stevia - sweetened skyr's from KEA are the popular coconut and pineapple and mango. 

Skyr has certainly come a long way since its early roots. This Icelandic dairy product has been a part of Icelandic culture for over a thousand years and it's a cultured dairy product related to soft cheese.  It's very high in protein and low in fat. In earlier times it was eaten unsweetened with milk or cream or even mixed with porridge.  

For a more historic take on skyr, try buying the unflavoured natural skyr available in all Icelandic supermarkets, add fresh blueberries and some single cream, a very popular dessert in Iceland through the decades. 




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