Is Iceland the most veggie-friendly country in Europe?

Photo: Iceland Monitor

A new map produced by Jakub Marian ranks Iceland as the most vegetarian-friendly country in Europe, with 24.8 vegetarian and/or vegan restaurants per 1 million inhabitants.

“The map [below] is based on the number on entries at HappyCow, the largest directory of vegetarian restaurants in the world, and shows the number of vegetarian restaurants per 1 million inhabitants,” the article explains, admitting that the figures can be misleading for countries with very small populations.

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Indeed, in the case of Iceland, 24.8 restaurants/1 million inhabitants works out at eight restaurants for the whole actual population of around 330,000.

Seven of the eight restaurants are in the capital Reykjavik or nearby rural areas, while the eighth is close to the North Iceland town of Akureyri. Nowhere else in the country has any vegetarian and/or vegan restaurants listed at HappyVow at all.

Image: Jakub Marian


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