One in five in Iceland don’t get the fish they ordered

Photo: Iceland Monitor/Eggert Jóhannesson

A recent study by Iceland food research authorities has revealed that 22% of fish dishes served in Iceland are not actually the type of fish that has been ordered.

Óskar Finnsson, member of the Food Committee of the Icelandic Travel Industry Association (SAF), says that he and his fellow restaurateurs within the Association are “gobsmacked” at the findings of the study, performed by Matís .

Fifty samples of fish were taken from different restaurants – of which eleven were found not to be the type of fish that had been ordered.

Óskar Finnsson.

Óskar Finnsson.

“There may be a few cases of human error or possible cases of wrong fish being delivered by the wholesaler – but this cannot account for such a high percentage,” says Finnsson.

According to Finnsson, fish is Icelandic restaurateurs’ most valuable asset, as tourists want to eat Icelandic fish.

“We shall just have to hope that this monitoring exercise will stop those cheating,” he says. “The SAF Food Committee will be meeting over the coming days and weeks to try and get to the bottom of this matter.”


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