Icelandic cod liver oil now on sale in N. America

A catch of Icelandic cod.

A catch of Icelandic cod. Photo: RAX

Are you a believer in the health properties of fresh cod-liver oil? If so, you may be happy to learn that a new Icelandic cod-liver oil product is now on the North American market.

According to Market Wired, customers in Canada, Mexico and the United States can now buy Dropi, a product of the True Westfjords company made from only fresh cod liver from fish caught in the north-western fishing village of Bolungarvík.

The True Westfjords website describes the product a pure natural cod-liver oil, as used by Icelandic families in the old days to make them “healthier, stronger and enable them to endure the long and cold Nordic winters”.

Dropi - Pure Icelandic cod-liver oil.

Dropi - Pure Icelandic cod-liver oil.


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