Iceland’s Lemon opens in Paris

Exactly three years to the day since Lemon opened its first Reykjavik venue, the Icelandic sandwich and juice chain this morning opened its doors to the streets of Paris, France.

The Paris ‘Lemon’ – which is the located in the French capital’s central 2nd arrondissement – drew queues of people for opening time this morning.

There has also been huge interest in working at the new Icelandic eatery, with some 200 job applications arriving within ten minutes of the advertisements appearing.

Patrons of Lemon will be able to enjoy – as well as traditional Icelandic ingredients, including dairy skyr – Nespresso coffee and baked goods by famous Parisian baker Anthony Bosson.

The franchise for the new Paris ‘Lemon’ is held by Eva Gunnarsdóttir, an Icelander who has called Paris home for the last ten years.

According to the company’s website, “Lemon offers fresh juicy food, prepared on site from the best possible ingredients. […] Providing gourmet food and a unique atmosphere is our passion.”

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Eva Gunnarsdóttir (license holder in Paris - left), Jón Arnar …

Eva Gunnarsdóttir (license holder in Paris - left), Jón Arnar Guðbrandsson (co-owner of Lemon - centre), and Jóhanna Soffía (employee - right) outside the Paris venue.


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