Live Music Every Night on Laugavegur

Restaurateur Garðar Kjartansson.

Restaurateur Garðar Kjartansson.Árni Sæberg

Vala Hafstað

Live music will be on offer every night of the week at a new restaurant and bar at Laugavegur 18, Reykjavík, Morgunblaðið reports. Laugavegur 18 is the building that used to house the popular Mál og menning book store (Bókabúð Máls og menningar), which closed last fall. See our previous report here.

The new restaurant will retain the bookstore’s old name: Bókabúð Máls og menningar. It will seat 300 guests and open every day at noon.

“We’ll open as soon as Víðir allows,” states restaurateur Garðar Kjartansson, referring to Chief Superintendent Víðir Reynisson, one of the threesome in charge of COVID-19 disease prevention measures in the country. Garðar will operate the restaurant and be its majority owner.

There will be a book store on the first floor, and in the basement, Ari Gísli Bragason will have second hand books for sale. Two cafeterias will be operated in the building.

“Since the music venue Græni hatturinn can thrive in Akureyri, it must be possible to operate such a place in downtown Reykjavík,” Garðar states. He has 16 years of experience operating various restaurants.

“I’ve had an eye on this building for ten years, believing it to be ideal for housing a center for music and  culture,” he reveals.

Musicians have shown great interest in the new place; there will be stand-up comedians as well, and on weekends, poetry readings are planned. Besides, there are plans to hold art exhibitions in the building.

“We want people to experience this place as a contribution to our culture, by offering books, live music and visual art,” Garðar concludes.


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