Yule Lad Brings Gifts to Greenland


Vala Hafstað

One of the Icelandic Yule lads, Stekkjarstaur (meaning Sheep Cote-Clod), traveled all the way to Kulusuk, Greenland, last week, where he paid a visit to Greenlandic children, mbl.is reports. His trip was sponsored by Kalak - a partner association between Iceland and Greenland, Hrókurinn chess club, and Air Iceland Connect.


Stekkjarstaur came loaded with presents from Iceland, including candy from Góa, iPads from Kalak board member Heiðbjört Ingvarsdóttir, intended for the oldest students.

Stekkjarstaur was well received at Kulusuk Airport, and the children walked through snow for more than half an hour to receive him. A cheerful ceremony at the airport ensued.


This was the ninth and last trip to Greenland this year by members of Hrókurinn chess club and Kalak. The two organizations have donated quality clothing to Greenland, in addition to other gifts. They plan to further strengthen the ties between the two countries in 2020, and to continue to create happy moments for children and adults alike.


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