Concert tonight at the top of Reykjavik‘s mt. Esja

This is not the first concert held on top of …

This is not the first concert held on top of Esja. Photo: Iceland Monitor/Styrmir Kári

There’s a concert tonight close to the top of mt. Esja, one of Reykjavik’s landmarks. The artists performing are some of the biggest names in Iceland’s hip hop scene, and there's no entrance fee to the concert.

Hike or helicopter

Mt. Esja is located a 20 minute car ride from the city centre. You can take the nr. 15 bus from Hlemmur bus station in Reykjavik centre to Háholt in Mosfellsbær, get off and get into the nr. 57 bus and get out at the foot of Esja at Hiking Centre Esjustofa.

The concert will be held close to the top, by the rock called Steinn (which translates as rock. Very imaginative, we know). There are two ways to get there. You can hike, this is in fact one of the most popular mountains to hike up in Iceland, and the hike up there takes around 1 1/2 - 2 hours, depends on how fit you are.

The alternative is to take the helicopter. The price is 6.500 ISK and it takes you from the hiking centre up to the field where the concert is held. The helicopter starts flying at 18:00 and you can purchase a ticket here.

The line-up:

18:30 - DJ Þura Stína
19:30 - Úlfur Úlfur
20:00 - Aron Can
20:30 - Emmsjé Gauti

For further information, here's the Facebook event.

The view from Esja over Reykjavik is stunning.

The view from Esja over Reykjavik is stunning. Photo: Iceland Monitor/Styrmir Kári




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