US journalist places ad in Iceland looking for missing hat - and gets a new one

Godfrey Hall, a travel journalist from the US advertised in the letters section of Morgunblaðið for his missing wool hat from Icelandic outdoor clothes company 66°North. 

Hall lost the hat in Iceland recently and says that the hat had become a sort of trademark for him in his photographs taken travelling around the world. 

He found out that  66°N had stopped making the hats a few years ago and asked Icelanders if they had the same kind of hat which he could possibly purchase from them. 

Help was at hand however, because when  66°North heard of his predicament they offered to make an identical hat for Hall. "The Katla hat hasn't been in production for several years and doesn't exist anymore, but of course we wanted to help this American out seeing as he loved it so much.  He will be notified once the hat is ready," said Fannar Páll Aðalsteinsson at 66°North speaking to 

Hall has been a travel writer for decades and has received several awards for his work. 




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