Christmas time in Heiðmörk!

Up to 2000 fir trees will be chopped down in coming weeks in Heiðmörk to end up in living rooms as Christmas trees. 

Heiðmörk is a nature reserve just outside of Reykjavik to the south, and the district forestry manages an area there of planted pine trees and allows for a certain number to be cut down each year. 

It's very popular for people living in Reykjavik and surrounding to go there in December to chop down their own Christmas tree. 

"Most of the trees cut down are 8- 12 years old and most of them fir trees which measure between one and  a half two two meters in height," says Helgi Gíslason, managing director of the Reykjavik district forestry.  

Every weekend leading up to Christmas there's a Christmas market in Heiðmörk, at the old Eliðavatns farm, an event that's always very popular and attended by families with children. 

You can start buying Christmas trees from this weekend onwards. 

For more details on the market click HERE. 


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