Dance off the holidays on Boxing Day

Boxing Day is a perfect reason to go out and …

Boxing Day is a perfect reason to go out and meet someone other than family Eggert Jóhannesson

Boxing Day in Iceland is one of the bigger party days of the year. After two days of family gatherings and eating more than is healthy for anyone, Icelanders flock out to party and dance off all the holiday weight they have gained.

Most Icelanders live in the capital, but many of them come originally from other parts of the country, and it is common for those people to return “home” for Christmas. Then everyone capable goes out for a drink or to see a show on Boxing Day (there is always something to see or do). Not necessarily for the drink or the show, but to meet up with old friends, see the people that have returned or see those who stayed behind.

This does not mean that Reykjavík is emptied - oh no! There are still plenty of people to fill the city centre of--with party-thirsty Icelanders.

There are concerts in most venues and some great bands performing.

At Húrra the band Hjaltalín is performing, without a doubt one of Iceland's finest.

The king of Icelandic pop music, Páll Óskar (Paul Oscar) performs at Spot. This event is specially recommended for those who love pop music and dancing.

For hip music and the hippest people of Reykjavik, Paloma is the place. Various DJ's perform various music on two floors of the venue.

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