Furðuleikar - The Peculiar Games

The Sheep Farming Museum will hold its annual Furðuleikar (‘Peculiar Games’) on Sunday 28 June. The games, in which people come together to compete in peculiar competitions, start at 1pm on the field outside the museum. There will be many different categories people can participate in, such as boot-throwing, the wife’s run (where a man runs with his wife on his back), mobile-phone-throwing and more.

There is no requirement for previous experience, stamina or even interest in sports. Keep in mind though that prizes at the Furðuleikar are not a common thing, other than the enjoyment of participating. All participants are welcome to buy themselves cake as a reward after or during the games, as the café will offer a buffet of Icelandic cakes and sweets. All visitors are indeed welcome to do this!

All this may seem a little silly, but it is supposed to be, and has been for many years. This is the twelfth time the games are held, and they have become the big finale of the town festival,Hamingjudagar at Hólmavík, celebrated in the nearby town of Hólmavík. The games are in fact so well known that the BBC has announced that they will be attending the games as a part of their series All over the place. Whether BBC representatives will participate in the games is unknown, but if they do, the games masters have assured people that they will get no special treatment!


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