Whales and whaling

Jóhann Guðmundsson (right) at the annual meeting of the IWC in Slovenia.

No change in Iceland’s position on whaling

25 Oct Iceland continues to officially oppose a ban on commercial whaling and the creation of a whale sanctuary zone in the South Atlantic, it is reported.

Iceland petition: “Whales should be seen and not hurt”

31 Aug A petition calling upon the Icelandic government to ban whaling has now been signed by over 100,000 Icelanders and visitors to the country.

Kevin Foster and Rupa Huq in Iceland.

UK MP visit: “Iceland’s whales worth more alive than dead”

25 Aug Two British MPs have recently visited Iceland to lend their support to ongoing efforts to wean tourists off whale meat and protect Iceland’s whales.

Iceland minkes in danger of straying into hunting zones

27 Jul Visitors to Reykjavik peeping round the back of the city’s iconic Harpa building earlier this month might have caught sight of a new vessel – the R/V Song of the Whale – which was on mission in Iceland 12-19 July.

Marc Riley, a self-confessed lover of Iceland.

“Iceland – a breathtaking country, tarnished by whaling”

3 Jul “Whaling is economically unviable, sickening, and morally wrong,” says British music guru Marc Riley in no uncertain terms.

A minke whale being landed in Iceland.

Activists project dying whales on Icelandic restaurants in protest

27 Jun Animal rights activists from the NGO Hard To Port projected images of dying whales on the walls of Icelandic restaurant Fjalakötturinn in Reykjavík.

The boat Hrafnareyður bringing minke whale meat to Hafnarfjörður harbour.

Whale hunting season begins

3 Jun The hunting season has now begun this year and according to the whale hunters its going exceptionally well with eleven whales caught already.

Minke whale meat being landed in Hafnarfjörður.

Tenth minke whale of 2016 Iceland season caught

1 Jun Two vessels have been hunting minke whales – the smallest of the large whales – since 25 April in the Faxaflói bay by the capital Reykjavik.

A humpback whale in Icelandic waters.

Numbers of fin and humpback whale on the increase

31 Mar 2016 A symposium held by the Marine Research Institute in Iceland is being held today in Reykjavik. Among the topics of discussion is the increase in numbers of both fin and humpback whales at the coast of Iceland since 1987.

Photo: Ómar Óskarsson

US wants Iceland to stop commercial whaling

10 Mar 2016 A statement from the US embassy’s spokesperson refers to the “economic, social and cultural benefits” of whale-watching as an alternative industry to whale-hunting.

Icelandic whalers cutting meat from a 35-tonne fin whale.

“Don’t buy from Icelandic companies tied to whaling”

4 Mar 2016 The campaign against commercial whaling operations in Iceland is not over despite recent news of a halt in fin whale hunting, says the Don’t Buy from Icelandic Whalers coalition.

The carcass of a fin whale tied to an Icelandic whaling ship.

“Whaling does not significantly harm Iceland”

1 Mar 2016 Icelandic whaling has not caused significant damage to international relations or tourism, according to a new government report.

Hvalur resumed whale hunting in 2009, after a 20-year gap.

Japan market forces halt to Iceland whaling

25 Feb 2016 Icelandic fisheries company Hvalur has announced it will be hunting no whales this summer – blaming the outdated Japanese market for the decision.

A fin-whale in Icelandic waters.

Icelandic whale meat makes it to Japan

1 Sep 2015 A controversial consignment of over 1,800 tonnes of Icelandic fin-whale meat has arrived in Osaka, Japan.

Eighty fin whales have been hunted so far this year.

Season’s fin whale catch hits 80

10 Aug 2015 Eighty fin whales have so far been hunted this summer in Iceland, according to CEO of Icelandic fisheries company Hvalur, Kristján Loftsson.


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