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Aren't Icelanders using enough sexual protection?

Cases of HIV double in Iceland

19 May Last year there was a considerable increase in individuals diagnosed with HIV, syphilis and gonorrhea according to a report by the Icelandic Directorate of Health.

Minister of Health, Óttar Proppé.

Minister of Health works towards eliminating waiting lists in healthcare system

16 May Minister of Health, Óttar Proppé says that he is making a concerted effort to eliminate waiting lists within the Icelandic health care system. The main way to do this is by increased funds and support to the hospitals.

Children have to have reached 18 months of age to be vaccinated.

Measles diagnosed in Iceland

22 Mar A 9 month old Icelandic child has been confirmed to have measles. The child is not yet vaccinated due to its young age. 90-95% of Icelandic children are vaccinated.

Former Minister for Health, Kristján Þór Júlíusson announced a breakthrough for sufferers of Hepatitis C in Iceland last year. Jóhannsson

Rapid HIV and Hep C tests available in Iceland for the first time

17 Jan Website GayIceland reports that in the next few weeks, quick and easy tests will be available for HIV and Hepatitis C. This is part of an incentive to eliminate Hepatitis C from Iceland.

Dr. Sigurður Ólafsson at the department of liver diseases at the National University Hospital announcing the campaign.

250 people already treated for Hepatitis C

7 Oct 2016 Iceland's new campaign to eradicate Hepatitis C and offer free treatment has resulted in 360 people having been treated already.


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