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A vehicle from the highland rescue team.

SAR teams called out to find lost tourist on Mt.Hekla

13 Aug Rescue teams from South Iceland were called out at ten pm last night to find a lost tourist on Mount Hekla.

SAR teams searched for the couple during a snowstorm.

Tourists left behind in snowy wilderness outraged at Icelandic tour company

9 Jan Australian couple Gail and David Wilson spoke out on Rúv national television last night detailing their ordeal when they got accidentally left behind on a snowcat trip to the wilderness below Langjökull glacier in South Iceland.

Coco the dog that got lost in North Iceland.

Video: Drones search for lost dog in North Iceland

22 Dec Coco the dog got lost when her owner was walking her earlier in the week in Dalvík, North Iceland. A great number of locals participated in the search for Coco, as well as the local Association for Search and Rescue teams who used a drone for the search.

The National Coastguard Helicopter inspects the site where the man was located.

Badly equipped injured tourist fetched by SAR teams

20 May 2016 Several rescue teams were called out last night in a complicated rescue operation to fetch a man who had broken his leg in a mountain above Ísafjörður in the West Fjords.


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