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In Metamorphosis Sigurgeir turns to the city and the built-up countryside, comparing and contrasting these motifs with his photographs of the wilderness.

Photography exhibition juxtaposing Iceland's wilderness with the urbanscape of Reykjavik

20 May Metamorphosis is a new exhibition which opens at the Reykjavík Museum of Photography today featuring the works of photographer Sigurgeir Sigurjónsson.

The artist who runs with horses in Iceland

15 Mar American artist Nick Turner, according to VICE magazine, likes to take self-portraits of himself getting intimate with nature in Iceland.

Kerið, a volcanic crater lake located in South Iceland's Golden Circle tourist route is visible here in the middle of the photo.

Icelandic Aurora photo published by NASA

6 Mar A photograph of colourful Northern Lights, also known as the Aurora Borealis, was captured over crater Kerið in South Iceland recently. The beauty of the photograph captured the eyes of the editors of the NASA astronomy website who published it as picture of the day.

Hallgrímskirkja church, one of the city's landmarks, dusted with snowflakes.

Incredible photos of the record breaking snowfall night in Reykjavik

27 Feb Icelandic photographer Gunnar Freyr woke up to the sound of a tree breaking in his garden and saw the heavy snowfall coming down. He grabbed his camera and ventured into the city centre to capture these fantastic photos of a magical night.

Ragnar Axelsson, RAX, receiving prize for best documentary book at the presidential residence. President Jóhannesson is with him in the photo.

Morgunblaðið photographer receives Icelandic prize for literature

14 Feb Ragnar Axelsson, otherwise known as Rax who has enjoyed a long and prosperous career as a photographer for Morgunblaðið as well as his work for magazines such as Time, GEO and Life. Last week he received the Icelandic prize for literature for his second edition of Faces of the North - a documentation of the hunters, fishers and farmers in the Northern hemisphere.

New Icelandic magazine celebrating different aspects of beauty

16 Dec Blæti is a stunning new hardcover magazine featuring over 400 pages of interviews, photography, art and fashion. Fashion photographer Saga Sigurðardóttir is one of the editors of the magazine and is responsible also for most of the beautiful photographs.

Stunning aerial photographs of Iceland

11 Sep 2016 Paradiseland, Niceland, Beautyland are some of the names that photographer Julien Ratel associates with Iceland. Flying a Cessna this summer he shot these stunning aerial photographs of the enchanting island in the north.

The Northern Lights were captured in Reykjanes using a drone.

Iceland's August Northern Lights captured in real time

26 Aug 2016 On Tuesday, spectacular Northern Lights could be observed in Iceland. This film shows the majestic dance of light in a real time video.

Icelandic horses form a heart in the snow

25 Aug 2016 Photographer Max Lupidi sent us this lovely photograph of two Icelandic horses in winter whose hoofprints formed a heart in the snow.

Icelandic Coast Guard Helicopter.

Iceland Coast Guard helicopter photobombs a wedding photo shoot

26 Jul 2016 The wedding photographer CM Leung captured a pretty amazing moment during a wedding photo shoot in Iceland. A search and rescue helicopter from the Icelandic Coast Guard flew by the bride, dressed in a white wedding gown on a black glacial ridge.

The valley of Flatey with fog coming in from the ocean.

Photography: A journey with a head

5 Jun 2016 Morgunblaðið photographer Árni Sæberg celebrated his sixtieth birthday earlier this week and on this occasion he published a series of photos he captured all across Iceland ten years ago. There's one abstract twist: Accompanying him on the journey was the head of a mannequin.

French photographer Anne Floriane Marie Jeanneau has lived in Iceland for a couple of years. She is among the 16 students of Ljósmyndaskólinn exhibiting their works on Saturday

The best things about Iceland are the nature and Kókómjólk

27 May 2016 The annual photography exhibitions by first year students at Ljósmyndaskólinn, the Iceland school of photography opens this Saturday. We put one of the photographers, Anne Floriane Marie Jeanneau through this week's Third Degree.

In his work, Valdimar Thorlacius explores the town of Hveragerði and its people, among the hot springs, clouds of steam and greenhouses.

Photography exhibition on geothermal town in Iceland

19 May 2016 An Island in Ölfus is the title of a new exhibition with photos by Valdimar Thorlacius. The title refers to a town in southern Iceland which lies in an active geothermal area. The town is also the photographer‘s home town, so it has a special meaning for him as a subject.


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