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Austurbæjarbíó, an old cinema on Snorrabraut is now an exhibition space.

An old downtown cinema is transformed into exhibition for tourists

20 Sep Austurbæjarbíó, or the East Reykjavik cinema on Snorrabraut has now been turned into an exhibition space for "Tales of Iceland," an exhibition on Icelandic history, nature and society.

The upper part of the costume.

19th century Icelandic costume donated to national museum from Canada

4 Sep The National Museum of Iceland received an ornate national costume as a gift from the Icelandic Canadian Club of British Columbia. The costume belonged to an Icelandic woman who emigrated to Canada at the end of the 19th century.

The ships sailed in memory of the men who died in 1942.

A convoy of battleships sails up Hvalfjörður to commemorate the PQ17 convoy in 1942

26 Jun Six battleships and one submarine sailed from Faxaflói bay from Reykjavík up Hvalfjörður on Friday to commemorate that 75 years have passed since the allied convoy PQ17 was destroyed by Nazi submarines and ships in WWII.

It's tradition that women that own the Icelandic national costume wear it on the 17th of June.

Today is Iceland’s national day!

17 Jun Today is Iceland's national day! Often only referred to as ‘the seventeenth of June’, there are festivities all over the country on this day, with balloons, sweets, music and everything else you can ask from a festival. But what's the story behind this day?

The sword was found in a boat grave located by the sea, which had already removed a part of the boat.

Iceland Viking Grave: “A bigger find than we believed”

16 Jun “The two boats and the size of the grave is on a bigger scale than we’ve seen in the past years. We don’t know we might find there,” says archaeologist Hildur Gestsdóttir who is leading the excavation where a Viking sword and two boat graves were found.

The excavation at Hrísbrú in Mosfellsdalur.

A chieftain's hut possibly to rise in Mosfellsdalur

13 Jun A group of people have applied to raise a chieftain's longhouse, church, smithy and a scriptorium in Mosfellsdalur, not far from Reykjavik. The aim is to relay a time in Iceland's history which the group believes to be the height of Icelandic culture, the Middle Ages.

Donald Trump is related to most Icelanders and Danish and Norwegian Royalty

24 Jan President Donald J. Trump is the direct descendant of Hakon V King of Norway according to Icelandic genealogist Oddur F. Helgason. Mr. Trump is also related to Queen Margrethe II of Denmark, Icelandic President Guðni Th. Johannesson of Iceland, and in fact almost all Icelanders.

Vegamótastígur 9 is moving to close by Grettisgata soon.

Historic Reykjavik home moved to make way for hotel

4 Jan Nobel prize winner Halldór Laxness and famous Icelandic painter Kjarval both lived for a while in the house on Vegamótastígur 9 which now is being moved to Grettisgata to make way for a new five story hotel.

There are a few turf churches left.

Want to learn how to build an Icelandic turf house?

2 Jan There is a seminar on how to build a traditional Icelandic turf house every summer in Skagafjörður, North Iceland. Participants take part in restoring Tyrfingsstaðir, a local farm deserted in 1969.

Happy Sovereignty Day, Iceland!

1 Dec Today marks the 98th anniversary of the Danish-Icelandic Act of Union, which recognised Iceland as a fully sovereign State, separate from Denmark, and constituted a further step in Iceland’s journey towards full independence.

Iceland's most recent government, 2013-16.

Iceland’s famous 400-year-old government meeting table

1 Nov The table was purchased in the 1940s in the time of Sveinn Björnsson, Governor of Iceland then first ever President of the Republic of Iceland.

The Reykjavik Cathedral in winter snow. On the left you can see Austurvöllur Parliament square.

Reykjavik's pretty cathedral celebrates anniversary

27 Oct Dómkirkjan, the Reykjavik Cathedral celebrates its 220th anniversary on Sunday October 30th and on this occasion there will be a special celebratory mass both this Sunday and on November 6th.

Gorbachev (left) and Reagan (right) in Reykjavik, October 1986.

The Iceland meeting that was the beginning of the end of the Cold War

12 Oct 2016 Thirty years ago today saw the conclusion of one of the most important moments in the modern history of Iceland – with international ramifications.

Iceland Viking sword on show at National Museum

7 Oct 2016 The tenth-century Viking sword found in South Iceland last month will be on display for one day only at the National Museum of Iceland in Reykjavik.

Forty roses to commemorate Pourquoi pas? Iceland shipwreck

16 Sep 2016 Forty roses were thrown into the sea at Straumfjörður, West Iceland, in a ceremony held yesterday to commemorate the forty sailors who drowned when their ship sank there eighty years ago today.


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