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PICTURES: Stunning Northern Lights over a deserted village

29 Mar Stunning pictures of the Northern Lights taken by the lighthouse in Kálfhamarsvík, a deserted village in North Iceland. The pictures were taken by one of the local police officers who is also an amateur photographer.

Kerið, a volcanic crater lake located in South Iceland's Golden Circle tourist route is visible here in the middle of the photo.

Icelandic Aurora photo published by NASA

6 Mar A photograph of colourful Northern Lights, also known as the Aurora Borealis, was captured over crater Kerið in South Iceland recently. The beauty of the photograph captured the eyes of the editors of the NASA astronomy website who published it as picture of the day.

The streetlight in Reykjavik Centre will be turned off so people can enjoy the starry night.

Reykjavik street lights to be turned off tonight

3 Mar The streetlights will be turned off in Reykjavik Centre tonight, for people to enjoy the starry night. The Northern Light Forecast is promising for the evening, and it’s likely that those who wander around in the centre will be able to enjoy them with minimal light pollution.

Northern Lights over Kex Hostel

Amazing Northern Lights over Reykjavik City Centre

2 Mar Iceland based photographer Benjamin Hardman captured these incredible images of Northern Lights above Kex Hostel, a hip hostel in downtown Reykjavik last night.

The Northern Lights last night over Reykjavik were stunning.

Continuing great Northern Lights forecast in Iceland

2 Mar The incredible Northern Lights seen over the last couple of days will continue this evening.

The Northern Lights can be impressive.

DIY Northern Lights Tour

28 Feb The Iceland Met Office’s Northern Lights forecasts makes it really easy to chase down the Northern Lights on your own. Keep in mind the Northern Lights are primadonnas, you might have to wait for them.

The Arctic Henge near Raufarhöfn, North Iceland.

The most beautiful video of Iceland?

21 Feb UNILAD just posted a video with the caption “The Most Beautiful Video You’ll Ever See”, and it’s from Iceland.

Volcanoes, skyr and the Panama Papers: a 2016 Iceland retrospective

1 Jan As the new year begins, Iceland Monitor takes a look back over 2016 and some of its most popular news stories for each month. Which is your favourite?

Great Northern Lights forecast for New Year's Eve in Iceland

30 Dec If you're spending New Year's Eve in Iceland, you're in for a treat. The forecast for Northern Lights is looking absolutely fantastic.

VIDEO: Icelandic horses and Northern Lights

5 Dec Regular Iceland Monitor reader Olivier Staiger has sent in his latest Iceland-inspired artistic creation – a video combining footage of the majestic Icelandic horse and the haunting beauty of the Northern Lights.

Travellers in Tromsø, North Norway can enjoy a whalewathing trip on this Icelandic scooner.

Whale watching underneath the Northern Lights

29 Nov An Icelandic whale watching boat offers whale watching in the darkness of winter in Northern Norway.

Moonlight, rainbows and Northern Lights

17 Oct Photographer Einar Guðmann took these incredible photographs of Goðafoss waterfall in North Iceland under the moonlight and shares tips on capturing the Northern Lights on camera.

The Aurora Forecast

Great Northern Lights forecast tonight- where it's not raining!

13 Oct Iceland's leading authority on all things celestial, Stjörnufræðivefurinn (The astronomy web) has published a Northern Lights forecast for the next three days and also predicts an extraordinary viewing week between October 21st to October 26th.

Teaching tourists to photograph the Northern Lights

3 Oct Iceland Photo Tours is an Icelandic travel agency organising tours for visitors who wish to travel around the country and photograph its unique Arctic landscapes and climate conditions.

PHOTOS: Last-minute dash to catch Northern Lights in West Iceland

3 Oct “After dark, the sky was just green – north, south, east and west. For over 6-7 hours I took pictures.”


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