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The latest tourist craze in Reykavik began on Tuesday, building these things on the shoreline.

Tourists build cairns next to Harpa concert hall for no apparent reason

16 Feb Cairns, man-made piles of stones have been making a rapid appearance on the shoreline below Harpa concert hall and conference centre at the heart of Reykjavik. Tourists began building them on Tuesday and since then they're multiplying very fast.

Free soup available for all to wash their private parts.

Bizarre "Icelish" signs up at Reykjavik main swimming pool

8 Feb Someone didn't proofread new signs that have just been put up at the Laugardalur swimming pool, one of Reykjavik's largest and most popular pools. Soup, anyone?

Cars stopped along a snowy, icy highway.

Tourists park in middle of Iceland highways - "accidents waiting to happen"

1 Feb A video was shared on a tour operator Facebook site last weekend showing tourists stopping cars on the highway to look at horses or other sights.

Vegamótastígur 9 is moving to close by Grettisgata soon.

Historic Reykjavik home moved to make way for hotel

4 Jan Nobel prize winner Halldór Laxness and famous Icelandic painter Kjarval both lived for a while in the house on Vegamótastígur 9 which now is being moved to Grettisgata to make way for a new five story hotel.

Volcanoes, skyr and the Panama Papers: a 2016 Iceland retrospective

1 Jan As the new year begins, Iceland Monitor takes a look back over 2016 and some of its most popular news stories for each month. Which is your favourite?

Tourists in Iceland blow billions on plastic

20 Dec Tourists have spent ISK 217 billion (approx. €1.8 billion) on their credit cards so far in 2016, with the month of November standing out as a period of strong growth for the Icelandic tourist industry.

Billions lost in Reykjavik accommodation black market

19 Dec Iceland is losing out on an estimated ISK 21.5 billion (€180 million) a year because of undeclared black-market accommodation rentals in Reykjavik, it has been claimed.

Wages in Iceland tourism rising less than national average

19 Dec Wages in Iceland’s booming tourism industry have risen less than the national average since 2010, according to a new report.

The tourists left ugly tyre marks on the mountain.

Tourists fined 1750 USD for off road driving in Iceland

19 Dec Two tourists were fined 200 thousand kronas (1750 USD / EUR 1675), that is, 100 thousand each, for off road driving in the slopes of Hverafjall near Mývatn in North Iceland last Tuesday.


New winter Iceland flights to Barcelona and Madrid

15 Dec Low-cost airline Norwegian has announced new direct routes this winter season from Iceland to London and the Spanish cities of Barcelona and Madrid.

ADVENTURE! Explore Greenland from Iceland

14 Dec North Iceland tour operator North Sailing has announced a brand-new tour concept for the 2017 Iceland summer season – an eight-day sailing and hiking expedition in East Greenland led by polar explorer Vilborg Arna.

Tourists to thank for Iceland’s economic growth

14 Dec Tourists are to thank for the very strong growth currently enjoyed by the Icelandic economy, with tourist numbers expected to almost double over the next three years.

Black clouds on the horizon for Icelandic tourism?

“Iceland could be heading for another economic crash”

9 Dec Iceland could be heading for another economic crash if the Central Bank fails to take action to stop the strengthening króna affecting tourism.

The Canary Islands are a popular holiday destination for Icelanders.

November big month for jet-setting Icelanders

8 Dec Just over 45,000 Icelanders departed on international flights from Keflavík International Airport (KEF) last month – the highest number ever.

Stronger currency to hit Icelandic tourism industry

7 Dec Wage rises and an ever more expensive króna will put prices up for tourists from Iceland’s main markets and could harm the tourist industry, an industry leader warns.


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