Twenty tried to drive under the influence

With the long weekend coming to an end, festival goers and other travelers are making their way back to where they came from. About twenty drivers in the Southern Region have been stopped for driving under the influence. Every driver coming from Landeyjahöfn harbor is made to take a breathalyzer test before continuing.  Police say the number is especially disappointing since drivers can also check their status with police before leaving the harbor’s parking lot.

According to the Metropolitan Police the traffic to the city has been quite tight and should increase even more as the day progresses. Thankfully, no accidents have happened in the area and no one has been caught driving under the influence although a few have gotten speeding tickets.

“When traffic is this tight there isn’t much space for drivers to overtake others, that’s perhaps the positive sight of tight traffic,” says police officer Hannes Guðmundsson. He says patience and civility are key in getting everybody safely to their destination.


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