Escaped inmate „simply walked off“

An inmate from the Akureyri Prison was found in a movie theatre last night, five hours after escaping.

“He simply walked off,” says warden Guðmundur Gíslason. He says the inmate was doing some gardening work around the police station in Akureyri.

“For some reason, that I have not gotten information on yet, the guard had to step away for one or two minutes,” he says. The garden isn’t meant to hold prisoners but is surrounded by a low fence.

Guðmundur says the Akureyri police got a call from the movie theater, saying that the man they were searching for was there. It is rare for inmates to run away and men who are believed to be dangerous are not kept in the prison in Akureyri at the moment.

“This will only ruin some of his chances regarding parole and such,” Guðmundur says. “We will of course look into what happened and what could be done better.”


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