Krónan and Bónus cheaper than Costco?

According to a new price survey  of forty products were cheaper in Icelandic supermarkets Krónan and Bónus than in Costco. Forty  nine products were selected but nine of them were unavailable at Costco so weren't included. 

This survey surprised many an Icelander this morning.  In each case the cheapest product was selected without regards to quality, compared to unit price in each product category, withot regards to the brand or packaging. 

The survey was conducted by national broadcasting servive RÚV.  

"Because of the large size of packaging in Costco one had to purchase products for 65.018 at Costco to buy the products with the lowest unit price, 19.726 at Krónan and 20.871 at Costco. It should also be mentioned that one can only shop at Costco with a membership card at 4.800 ISK for individuals and 3.800 for businesses. 

See the survey (in Icelandic) HERE. 


USD USD 103.56 EUR EUR 121.70
GBP GBP 137.18 DKK DKK 16.35
NOK NOK 12.62 SEK SEK 12.31
CHF CHF 104.66 JPY JPY 0.92

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