Icelanders third happiest in the world

The Icelandic nation is the third happiest in the world for the second year in a row, according to United Nations’ World Happiness Report, RÚV reports [link in Icelandic].

It also states that 99% of Icelanders report that they have someone to count on in times of trouble, a very high percentage. This, according to the report, has a large impact on life evaluation and likely plays a big role in Icelanders happiness.

Norwegians are the happiest, and just after them come the Danes, which were happiest last year. Switzerland is in fourth place and there is very little difference between these four countries, according to the report:

“These four countries are clustered so tightly that the differences among them are not statistically significant, even with samples averaging 3,000 underlying the averages.”

European nations have the top 6 seats in the report, after Iceland come Switzerland, Finland and The Netherlands. Following are Canada, New Zealand, Australia and Sweden.


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