Two men arrested for attacking child

Two men in their twenties were arrested in the city centre of Reykjavik yesterday on suspicion of attacking a four-year-old boy. 

The boy was sitting in the back of a car that his mother was driving. According to the Reykjavik Metropolitan Police the men were in a drug-induced state and resisted arrest.  Eight policemen too part in the search for the men and the arrest. 

The woman was waiting on a traffic light at Snorrabraut when a man opened the front door of the vehicle.  When the woman shouted at him to shut the door and leave she realised that another man had opened the rear door and that her son had a bloody face.  He had been hit in the face and was bleeding from his nose and other injuries. 

Nothing connects the woman to the two men who seemed to have attacked them randomly. According to a report by Visir the little boy is not seriously injured but in a state of shock.  


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