Restaurant in mouse-incident considers police investigation

 Owners of restaurant Fresco are shocked and saddened by the news that a young man found a mouse in a salad purchased there and consumed at his office. Fresco are thinking about calling for an in-depth investigation of what happened. 

Rodent found in salad at Reykjavik restaurant

The man who found the mouse in his salad went for a hospital check-up after the incident occurred. Health authorities immediately did a sanitary inspection of the restaurant and found everything to be in perfect order and saw no reason to shut down the restaurant. 

Speaking to the owner of Fresco says that he believes that this was a prank or that somebody was trying to make the restaurant look bad. 

In a press announcement from Fresco they state that all their lettuce is washed, put in ice and then prepared in front of the  customer and that it's impossible for even the tiniest of objects to get into the salad. 

The company is taking the matter very seriously and are looking into the matter being investigated by the police. 


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