Wants lamb killers to be charged for animal abuse

Nine men were recently caught stealing a lamb and killing it in East Iceland. A witness said they were obviously hungry and just looking for meat for their barbecue. Local farmers called the police which found the lamb in a plastic bag in their car.

They were made to compensate the farmer 30.000 ISK (250) for the lamb and recieved a 120.000 ISK (1000) fine for destruction of property.

Only right to punish the men for animal abuse.

The Iceland Animal Welfare Association doesn’t think the punishment is adequate. “We believe this is a serious matter, that you can cut a lamb’s throat and the only consequence is a fine. Animal welfare isn’t even addressed,” says Hallgerður Hauksdóttir, chairman of The Iceland Animal Welfare Association. She believes it only right to punish the men for animal abuse.

“There is evidence, there are confessions and everything about this case is clear, but the fact that the lamb’s throat was cut isn’t addressed. I think it’s indeed very serious if the authorities treat the matter of animal welfare as an afterthought.”

The Iceland Animal Welfare Association have contacted the vet authority for animal welfare at The Icelandic Food and Veterinary Authority about the case and are waiting for a response.


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